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SK telink’s corporate identity

Visual image

Logo mark

The logo mark is the official symbol of SK telink. It should not be changed in any case, and it is used in various media,
such as printed matters and promotional materials, and plays an important role in delivering the corporate and brand image of SK telink.

*To prevent the deformation of the logo mark, please download the file on the web.

CI Space Regulation

  • Assuming that the height of the logo mark ‘ K ’ is X, the height of the ‘Happy Wings’ is 1.1X. The size of the Korean company name is 0.8X, and the size of the English company name is 0.55X.
  • The space between the SK logo and the company name is 0.8X in Korean, and 0.55X in English. The logo mark is SK Red, and the company name is SK Orange, and if it is black and white, the logo mark is Black 60%.

Main colors

SK Red
  • Pantone : 186C
  • CMYK :
  • RGB : 234.0.44
SK Orange
  • Pantone : 158C
  • CMYK :
  • RGB : 255.122.0

The SK Red of the logo mark and the symbol mark is dynamic and vibrant red,
and SK orange is a color that symbolizes ‘Happiness,’ ‘Friendliness’ and ‘Welcome.’
In principle, the specified color must be used for the logo mark against a white background.
In particular, as the continuous use of the same colors plays an important role in building the image of SK telink,
you must comply with the color utilization standards. In principle, if you want to use dedicated colors, spot colors must be used.

*If you use colors not described here, you must consider the chroma and brightness of the ground color,
and use them after consultation with the administrative department.

Color Regulation

  • SK telink logo(black)
    Black color
    When you use the logo for black-and-white printing,
    the Happy Wings must be Black 100% and 60%
    so that the difference in brightness can be distinguished.
  • SK telink logo(Negative Print)
    Negative Print
    For negative print,
    if the brightness of the background color is 30%, use white.