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Introduction to business

Bringing customers closer to the world,
SK telink brings customers closer to the future.

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Wired and wireless communication
and total ICT service provider SK telink

SK telink’s efforts to create a communication world in which customers are happy

SK telink has continuously diversified its business, and resultingly obtained the international call,
long-distance call, Internet phone and city value-added service common carrier business license one after another,
and became a total common carrier both in name and reality. It also entered into the solution business,
i.e. total ICT service, and tries to create a world in which customers are happy based on its excellent quality,
diversified products and advanced services.

International call
  • · You can conveniently use international call 00700 to make phone calls to more than 200 countries around the world using your cell phone/home phone.
  • · Using overseas direct lines in 30 countries, and other high-quality lines to provide clean and excellent call quality
  • · Providing differentiated services that meet customer needs with various plan benefits ranging from discounts to benefits
Corporate service
  • · Internet phone, convenient and economical phone service on the Internet
  • · Universal area number service 1599/1800/1811 anytime and anywhere
  • · Voice only leased line service Express, and SMS/MMS/LMS for corporations that allow them to a large number of messages at once
  • · Satellite communication service that provides stable communication service using global satellites
  • · Video telephony service that provides the best video conferencing solution
  • · Mobile fax, which allows customers to use the smartphone app to conveniently send and receive faxes anytime and anywhere
SK 7mobile
  • · We are using the mobile communication network of SK Telecom to provide mobile communication service based on reasonable rates and excellent call quality.
  • · We provide the call quality of SK Telecom, the reliable No. 1 common carrier in Korea.
  • · We received the highest MVNO grade in Korea Communications Commission user protection evaluation, and we are taking the lead in protecting the rights of customers.
  • · According to customers’ lifestyle and communication service use patterns, we are providing reasonable plans and services.